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Attendance this week was about normal for this location. It was cold on the shady side of the street but quite pleasant on the sunny side. Temperatures hovered between 40-45 degrees. I did have a resident ask me what was going on with all the bikes. She thought the motorcycles were quite beautiful.

Walter Kern
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Motorcycle Views
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The place
Parking on the street
The seat view
Loudness is in the ear of the beholder.
Everyone's inside.
Now where's the best place to park?
They said they'd feed me...
...after I kept watch over all these bikes.
A vision to behold
In step
Single file
Parking on the slope
It helps to have a very long left leg.
Now here's a rider with a lot of miles under his belt.
Park-anywhere vehicle
Standing around in the sun
Our hardworking staff

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: 2 arrive

Video 2: A group arrives

Video 3: Arrivals into the back parking lot

Video 4: It's cold in the shade.

Video 5: They keep coming in.

Video 6: Takin' a walk

Video 7: Parking on the slant

Video 8: Down the hill

Video 9: Street sounds

Video 10: Cars and bikes

Video 11: Streets scenes

Video 12: Trying to stay out of the action

Video 13: Up the hill

Video 14: 2 head home

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