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The day was alternately sunny and overcast and about 33 degrees. There was a threat of light snow showers. Fort Dix was checking IDs today but not consistently. Sometimes IDs were checked, and sometimes riders were waved by. Some were stopped at the gate because their names were not on the Polar Bear roster. In one case, a rider was left at the gate while his wife was allowed in. Turns out his name was on the list all the time. But most got in.

This was my first time back on my trike in three months and it felt good.

There are a few pictures of me at the end. Hopefully, that will be enough of me for a few years.

I have no idea why this bike caught my eye. It just did.
was straight inside the door.
Sayings for all purposes
I stood on a park bench to take this picture. I kept thinking that some armed guard
would soon be arriving to question me about my picture taking on a military post.
Time to go
Hats and caps were needed today. My last-minute decision to ride today
resulted in me forgetting mine and my gloves.

Video 1: Snap, Crackle, and Pop

Video 2: Arriving riders with a view of Club Dix

Video 3: Arriving riders weave around me in an attempt to park. Sorry guys.

Video 4: Mass exodus

Video 5: Dan and Mary lead the F-Troopers out.

The following pictures courtesy of Barbara Malone (Blondie) who rode the third bike in the last video. Unfortunately, they are all of me.

I actually pose for Blondie.
I get out my billfold to give money to Jane for lunch.
I talk with Spokes-Women member, Liz, about problems getting on the base today.

More Pictures from the 2007-2008 Season

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