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Temperatures were hovering around 35-40 degrees with a stiff wind. This is the same weather we had last year for this run except we had snow showers then.

Jane got to talking with a stranger outside who wanted to know what she thought of the place, the food, etc. She, fortunately was complimentary. Later inside she found the man sitting with some polar bear members and found out that he owned the place. Just doing a little survey I guess and Jane passed.

Our destination today
This is the parking lot closest to the entrance. I overheard one rider on a cell phone calling
a buddy to come down and look at all the motorcycles. I think he must have just been
cruising by and saw all us polar bears and pulled in to take a look.
Polar Bear riders like to park their bikes next to this great fire truck mural.
Rob and Chrissy as they make their way in from the back parking lot. I'm not sure how long it
took them because throughout much of my picture taking, I kept seeing them talking to people
along the way. We are a friendly bunch of polar bears.
The back parking lot filled up too.
Polar bears don't dress alike.
Perfect color match of helmet to bike
There were still traces of snow to be found.
Suiting up for the ride back
I believe that's Rob and Chrissy down there in that group.
Robert McCarthy, right, being presented with a trophy for 2nd Place Novice in the 90th anniversary
of the Crotona Midnight Run. Here's a short YouTube clip of the start of a previous run.

Jane talks to the owner of her previous PC-800.
Ready to hit the road for Daytona, his second trip on the PC-800.

These three riders were getting ready to leave. Here's a video of the last man out
as he makes a speedy exit.

More Videos

Video 1: One rider turning in

Video 2: Two riders turning in.

Video 3: Panorama in the back parking lot

Video 4: Lots of riders heading home at once.

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