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Temperatures were hovering around 35-40 degrees with clear skies. We had just had a snow shower in the early morning that made the roads wet. Not much snow was left. However, a second, more serious storm is on the way for tonight. This could bring 4-8 inches of the white stuff.

Buell Ulysses - Basic Polar Bear Transporter (funny video - long)
Close knit group enjoyed their space.
I looked for road salt but couldn't find any.
Giddy Up! ... also from Seinfeld
A veritable go-anywhere office on wheels
The old fire truck is gone but the painting tells it all.
These Bears had the back lot to themselves.
The side lot -- not a lot of activity.
Two or three groups stood around in the cold but there was NO snow here.
Turning the corner into the parking lot ... one Harley ...
one Honda ...
and one Harley with a flag.
A tourer, a scooter, and a cruiser
This Ultra looked like it just came back from Iraq. It was missing a few
parts, had a few dents, was covered with salt, had a windshield with
cataracts, but best of all it looked like it was well ridden, had covered
many miles, and had many missions left in it -- a great Polar Bear bike!
And now the Rest of the Story.
Not all Polar Bears came on bikes today. Here's a sampling of other Polar Bear
rides today.
By the way, my favorite newsman, Paul Harvey, died yesterday at age 90.
I grew up in Illinois listening to him on the radio.
Here is one of his famous Rest of the Story clips.
Larry Butler and Leon Hoffacker took the 6 point ride this Sunday to Daytona.
They had a good weather window, solved a few travel mishaps underway and
reached the ABATE campground with many other bikers. The weather here can
be characterized as extremely variable ranging from 80s to 30s, breezy, gusty
and still air, sunshine and some rain. This picture was taken shortly after
the squall line passed through this morning.

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