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There was quite a bit of wind today but the temperature was heading for the low 50s. There were plenty of polar bears in Rahway today. The sign-in area was very cramped. The adjoining table where Bob sat was piled high with flyers when a sudden gust of wind came in with a group of riders and proceeded to blow all the papers away. But there was a good turnout with many groups of bikes.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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Our destination
Side lot
Where did all the bikes go?
A winner of the Crotona Midnight Run
Got my name at Daytona
Looking for parking
The big mural
Harleys and a Spyder
Best looking group of Harleys I saw
Congested sign-in
Leo gesticulates as he tells a story.
Ready to go anywhere
Special police to watch the Harleys
Hugging the building
The brisk weather didn't hamper the talking outside.

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Waiting to turn in

Video 2: Pick your entrance

Video 3: Zoom

Video 4: Daytona?

Video 5: Quick Exit

Video 6: Back Parking

Video 7: Hello

Video 8: This way and that way

Video 9: Pillion dropoff

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