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The temperature was around 25 degrees today with clear skies, bright sun, and biting wind. The Flying "W" Airport is a new destination and there was a bit of confusion getting setup for sign-in. There were two buffets available. The food was good. This place is an actual airport with a runway and planes taking off. We even saw a helicopter maneuvering around close to the ground. I have videos.

Behind this door was the line.
Just down the back walk were the planes.
The plane kitty
To the left of this walkway was the plane-shaped swimming pool (with water) while
the planes sat to the right of the walkway, some covered and some ready to fly.
A quaint little village setting lay at the top of the walkway.
Looking into the sun, down the runway.
Scooter sayings
The Triumph boys
First customer at sign-in
The famous airplane-shaped swimming pool (with water)
Phil Perry's new Scorpion helmet. He won it as a prize on an AMA Grand Tour (not ours).
The view of the parking lot from the place where the line started (see first picture)
The entrance ramp led to the staircase that led to a very long line to check-in. See video
Barbara's grandkids
Bill Dudley's most recognizable Moto Guzzi in New Jersey
Scene from the frozen parking lot
How'd that Japanese Zero get here?
This neat helicopter looked like it was practicing maneuvers or giving a lesson. See video

More Videos:

Video 1: Dave trying to speed up the line

Video 2: Departing riders wait for arriving riders.

Video 3: Plane taxis out

Video 4: Same plane takes off

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