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The temperature was around 20-36 degrees today with cloudy skies, but less wind than last year. There was snow in North Jersey today and that seemed to keep attendance down. The Flying "W" Airport was a new destination last year. This place is an actual airport with a runway and planes taking off and landing. We even saw a helicopter maneuvering around close to the ground. I have videos.

First bikes I saw
Getting off the bike
Lid and gloves riding pillion
The early bird parks near the door. We were downstairs today.
That's one small step for a man...
The jail is handy.
I wonder if any Polar Bears are pilots.
Just doing a little quick maintenance
That truck has left and four bikes rush in to fill the void.
Two couples on a couple of bikes (actually, a bike and a trike)
A BMW and a Harley form bookends to the exit lane.
The best Polar Bear bike is whatever you happen to be riding.
I believe I saw this Valkyrie come in. See video.
The sign-in table was circular today.
The flight leaders couldn't sit behind the sign-in books.
Not a lot of bikes in the parking lot today
Motorcycles and Airplanes - Perfect Together
Getting ready to go home
Debbie and Clyde are here. See video.
Debbie and Clyde wait for me to take a picture and video of the helicopter.
Here's the helicopter. See video.

More Videos:

Video 1: Single bike arriving

Video 2: Hey, how you doin'?

Video 3: Plane taking off into the clouds

More Pictures from the 2008-2009 Season

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