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This was a new destination and it should prove popular in the future. Unfortunately, this was a miserable day for most riders north of the Raritan River. Snow and ice covered the north while steady rain abounded in the south. Most riders showed up in cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans today. I drove my car from Freehold and it rained the whole time with intermittent sleet pounding the car. A few (very few) showed up on bikes. I got pictures of most of them but I did take a break to have lunch with a few polar bears. The buffet lunch was excellent and it was all-you-can-eat for $20.

My first sighting of motorcycles -- a BMW and a Harley
"Gosh," said the BMW rider. "I came all the way from Florida and we can't get New Jersey
riders to come out in a little bit of snow?"
I did a lot of standing around just waiting for more motorcycles to show up.
A frog, a rock, and a lot of dead-looking grass clumps
Not too many groups forming today
It's noon and no lines.
Today's the day to buy some winter clothing.
"The Buffet will be served in the library."
Bob joins the staff at the sign-in table trying to keep them awake.
Now, I swear I didn't have anything to drink before I saw this sign.
You are number 3.
You are number 4.
Four more bikes I saw as I came out after lunch.
If I missed you, I'm sorry.
She rides. This is her "other" motorcycle she uses to carry around Christmas gifts.


Video 1: You are Number 5.

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