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Here are the pictures from today's run to Hooters.

For a while this morning, I wasn't sure I was going to make it. I had just got on the GSP with my F Troop group when, at speed, I lost power. I twisted the throttle trying to keep it running but just as it was about to die, it caught and the speed ran up to redline. I got off at a rest stop just ahead and tested it. I guess I got some dirt in there somewhere. Anyway, it ran fine for the rest of the trip. I was riding Jane's trike. Maybe she didn't want me going to Hooters.

It was cold and clear with temperatures expected to hit 40 degrees for the ride back. There was a great turnout as usual. I wonder why.

This is a great looking bike.
Well, should we stand out here in the cold or go in where the Hooters girls are?
Car-toon or is it a bike-toon?
Smile Dad!
Eyes on a Hooters girl
The lot is getting full.
I've heard of helmet hair but...
Let me think... See a movie or see a Hooters girl?
The awards were presented for the 91st Crotona Midnight Run held February 7, 2009.
It's warming up a bit but it's still going to be cold going home.
Remember that Yosemite Sam bike from The Exchange pictures?
Well, here's its rider, the real-life Yosemite Sam.

And now for the Bob Hartpence gallery:

Bob and the Hooters girls at this year's run
Bob at 2008 Hooters run
More of Bob at the 2008 Hooters run
Bob at 2007 Hooters run.
Bob at 2006 Hooters run


Video 1: Leo has found that he needs more space to park these days.

Video 2: Zooom

Video 3: This alarm was really sensitive.

Video 4: Where'd he go?

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