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I got to Hooters about noon and the lot was filled. Also, Hooters was filled with hungry Polar Bears. The temperature was around 40 degrees. There was a bit of water around from the melting snow.

I find the northern New Jersey traffic and road system a bit of a challenge for riders used to a more relaxed riding style. Fortunately, my GPS got me where I wanted to go.

Someone asked me how many Hooters there are in New Jersey. I didn't know. Turns out there are from 6-10 locations here depending on what source you go to.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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Leo's here
Trying to park
Waitin' and talkin'
All colors
Touring Spyder
High helmet
Even higher helmet
Actually we are the Polar Bear Grand Tour
Waiting for orders
Staff at sign-in
Polar Bears take over Hooters
Just enjoying the day
Nighthawk just like my first new bike
Bikes and riders
Hey, what's going on?

And now for the Bob Hartpence gallery:

Bob and the Hooters girls at this year's run
Bob at 2010 Hooters run
Bob at 2009 Hooters run
Bob at 2008 Hooters run
Bob at 2007 Hooters run.

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Lots of people today

Video 2: 2 move out, one waves, and one calls me

Video 3: Whine

Video 4: Inside Hooters

Video 5: 2-up arrives

Video 6: Ramapo

Video 7: Scan the lot

Video 8: 5 arrive and 1 waves

Video 9: Leaving and arriving

Video 10: Trio leaving

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