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This ride brought out almost every Polar Bear. The temperature hovered around 60. I took a lot of pictures and videos.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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A street filled with motorcycles today
Hillbilly Hall sign
The parking lot at 10:45 a.m.
Early rider
Turning onto Minnietown Lane
Watching for motorcycles
Standing and sitting
Single rider
2-Up riders
Just parked
Waiting to park
Many groups today
Naked bike
Waiting to move out
Together in a triangle
Clyde, Bob, and Debbie listen
Bikes everywhere
Bikes stretch way down Minnietown Lane
Ya parked anywhere you could
My trike is in there somewhere
No cars need enter
Leo getting ready to ride

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Early arrivals

Video 2: Coming right at me

Video 3: From the opposite direction

Video 4: Big group

Video 5: Two riders

Video 6: Followed by a truck

Video 7: A little music

Video 8: Still room

Video 9: Six enter

Video 10: Blondie arrives

Video 11: Backed up

Video 12: Taking a walk

Video 13: The Lane is now open

Video 14: Debbie and Clyde arrive

Video 15: Walking the Lane

Video 16: We are here en masse

Video 17: Bikes are leaving

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