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The weather at Hillbilly Hall in Hopewell, NJ on November 25, 2012 was cloudy and windy with the temperature a cool 37 degrees.

There was a good turnout.

Thanks to Dave Thompson and John Zerbe for pictures shown below.

Walter Kern
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The following 15 pictures courtesy of Dave Thompson:

Destination entrance
Early arrivals
Vendor booth
Spyders moving out
Picture takers
Lunch time
Park and walk
Ready to move out
Parking just inside the lot
A mighty good looking Harley
On to the back lot
Standing, looking, and riding
The boss
Black and chrome
This custom got lots of attention

The following 8 pictures courtesy of John Zerbe:

Front parking
The start of the big lineup
Standing on one foot
Release clutch, throttle, go
Find the white polar bear
A dozen bikes
Nice ape hanger Springer (check this out for an extreme case.)
The back lot

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