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Jane Ann Kern died on August 31, 2008, in a terrible automobile crash in Maryland as she and two of her friends were en route to a 9-day vacation on the Outer Banks. She was a front seat passenger in the car.

Jane was born in Bloomington, Illinois in 1937. Jane and Walter married in 1961 and began many adventures including taking up motorcycling at the age of 51. They joined the Polar Bears in 1991. She absolutely loved the Polar Bear riders and her white 1998 Honda Gold Wing SE w/Motor Trike conversion.

Jane was an active member of many groups, too numerous to mention.

Here are all the pictures of Jane and her trike on the Polar Bear Grand Tour website from her last year of riding Polar Bear:

Pictures of Jane from the 2007-2008 Polar Bear Grand Tour Season

On the way to Cape May, Nancy, Jane, and Barbara
wait on the GSP until auto accident clears.
Nancy and Barbara (in costume)
are new Polar Bear members.

Jane (on white) and Walt (on red)
arriving at Old Bridge to a filled lot.

Jane, center, and Leo, right, at Old Bridge
with Leo's 1989 Honda PC800 motorcycle.

Jane, left, poses with Mack and Karen at Hopewell.

Jane in gray coat talks to a group at Hopewell.

Clyde, Debbie, and Jane at Sir John's.

I get out my billfold to give money
to Jane for lunch at the Fort Dix Club.

Jane gets a few rays waiting for the sign-in
at The Exchange to begin.

Left to right: Leo, Jane, Jim, and Nancy
at the Land Slide Saloon.

At the Land Slide Saloon, Jane is thinking,
"You certainly know how to take a flattering picture."

My trike was in the shop so Jane and I rode
two-up today on Jane's trike to Bahr's Landing.

Jane talks to the owner of her previous
PC800 at the Firehouse Eatery.

Leo, oldest Polar Bear rider (92), and
Jane chat at the Polar Bear Dinner.

Tribute to Jane Ann Kern

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