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OK, the weatherman said it was going to be a rainy day. It was misty when Rosemarie and I rode down from Freehold but no big deal. After we got to Jenkinson's, it got warm. Then the sun came out. Later the sky turned blue and white clouds came out. It was a pleasant day. Every family in the area came to the boardwalk to visit the aquarium it seemed. Only after I got home and had supper, did the weatherman's prediction come true. It rained heavily and we had a thundershower. The turnout of motorcycles was low. I know it's near season's end but this was a good ride.

Rosemarie is getting a light lunch for us.
Connecticut is always here.
The majority of the bikes were parked right here next to the building.
Petrol is better than pillion, apparently.
Plenty of room for bikes.
I expected a lot full of motorcycles but found a lot full of minivans and SUVs.
Typical arrivals today
Polar Bears came in cages today.
We want to be on the Internet before the season ends. OK.
CZ Joe on one of his many bikes.
Bob is where the girls are.
Just a bit early for the season.
No matter what the weather, the sea and sand give comfort.

Video 1: Leaving

Video 2: More leaving

Video 3: One arriving

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