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I am in New Jersey today so I decided to come over with Rosemarie and take some pictures and videos. I still had help with additional pictures from Dave Thompson and Bernard Walsh.

The run today was to Lago in North Brunswick, NJ on January 19, 2014.

It was clear and the tempersture was 20-40 degrees. No snow.

If you took any pictures or videos for this run, please email them to me at walter@motorcycleviews.com and I'll place them on this website.

Walter Kern
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Streak of lightning. See video.
Happy Victory owner. Had it for one month and really likes it.
Rosemarie and I had a nice chat with this rider.
Group of 6 getting ready to leave. See video.
Just waitin'
Couple of Ape Hangers hangin' out together

The following pictures courtesy of Dave Thompson:

There's Rosemarie and Walter.
There they are again with Clyde.

The following pictures courtesy of Bernard Walsh:

Rosemarie, Debbie, Clyde, and Walter (I forgot my yellow Polar Bear shirt.)
5 guys and a gal

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: 3 depart. (0:34)

Video 2: Group prepares to leave. (1:26)

Video 3: Group departs.(0:51)

Video 4: Hoping for a successful departure (1:07)

Video 5: Group of 6 (0:38)

Video 6: Ah, the smell of exhaust (1:38)

Video 7: 2 Harleys and a trike (0:38)

Video 8: 1800 leaving across the lake (0:16)

Video 9: Extremely quiet Victory (0:31)

Video 10: Streak of lightning (0:07)

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