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Leo Chlebnikow, oldest active Polar Bear Grand Tour rider, has died at the age of 101 on August 15, 2017. Leo was 101.5 years old, born January 23, 1916.

The following are 10 videos and 86 pictures of Leo and his motorcycles taken by our Polar Bear Grand Tour photographers and me from Polar Bear Grand Tour motorcycle rides from 2005-2017.

I know that Leo didn't know every Polar Bear member personally, but he did try hard. My introduction to Leo was the fact that both Jane and I rode red 1990 Honda PC800 motorcycles and Leo rode a white 1989 Honda PC800 (the first year of production). I'm sure that those who knew Leo have their own lasting memories of one Polar Bear rider who will never be forgotten. I hope these videos and pictures will help us all to remember Leo.

—Walter F. Kern


1. Leo arrives, parks up front, and surveys the crowd. (Hopewell, NJ, 2007)

2. Leo's ready to go. Check out this video with me egging him on. (Wearhouse Grill, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, 2009)

3. Leo has found that he needs more space to park these days. (Hooters, Wayne, NJ, 2009)

4. Leo has his trike moved. (Brians H-D, Langhorne, PA, 2009)

5. Leo arrives. (Hopewell, NJ, 2009)

6. Leo holding court. (Long Valley, NJ, 2010)

7. Leo with new pipes. (Cape May, NJ, 2010)

8. Here comes Leo. (Long Valley, NJ, 2012)

9. Leo inside. (Chatterbox, Augusta, NJ, 2015)

10.How ya doin' Leo? (Hooters, Wayne, NJ, 2017)


Leo descends from the bridge
and prepares to turn in to the
. (Lewes, DE, 2004)

Leo was hurrying in to get
a cup of coffee. His red PC had a
clutch/transmission problem today
and he had to take it back home
and get his white PC.
(Montgomeryville, PA, 2004)

Leo's PC followed by his chase vehicle.
(The Cabin, Freehold, NJ, 2004)

Leo's here. (Hooters, Wayne, NJ, 2005)

Leo on his white PC.
(Mountain View Bar & Grill, Long Valley, NJ, 2005)

Leo will ride any scooter for
points. (Chatterbox, Augusta, NJ, 2005)

Leo dons his safety jacket and prepares to
tour the room on a scooter. (Dawn Patrol, Bradley Gardens, NJ, 2005)

Leo's table (Polar Bear Dinner, 2005)

Leo says he has even more pins in his pockets.
(Polar Bear Dinner, 2005)

A few of the people with perfect attendance.
(Polar Bear Dinner, 2005)

A special award for 89-year-old Leo.
(Polar Bear Dinner, 2005)

Leo gets a gift certificate.
(Polar Bear Dinner, 2005)

Leo is getting younger every day.
(Lewes, DE, 2005)

Leo was one of the first to arrive.
(Montgomeryville, PA, 2005)

Bikes belonging to The Recycled Teenager, Leo, and
his friends. (De Thomasi's East 5 Points Inn, Vineland, NJ, 2006)

Leo will be celebrating his 90th birthday next week.
(I.A.M.A., Long Branch, NJ, 2006)

Leo's faithful steed awaits his return for his
birthday (90th) ride. (Fort Dix Club, 2006)

Leo (Mountain View Bar & Grill, Long Valley, NJ, 2006)

Leo's table (Polar Bear Dinner, 2006)

Leo with a toy for the children.
(The Cabin, Freehold, NJ, 2006)

Leo enjoys an animated motorcycle toy.
(Hooters, Wayne, NJ, 2007)

Who is that young man?
(Long Valley Pub & Brewery, Long Valley, NJ, 2007)

Waiting in the drink line, Leo, 91, is
an easy target for his many Polar Bear friends.
(Polar Bear Dinner, 2007)

Leo's table (Polar Bear Dinner, 2007)

Leo is a winner. (Polar Bear Dinner, 2007)

I hadn't seen Leo this year but here's his '89 PC.
(Old Bridge, NJ, 2007)

Later I took this picture of Leo and a few of his many
friends next to his bike. (Old Bridge, NJ, 2007)

Leo arrives in video 1, above, parks up front, and
surveys the crowd. (Hopewell, NJ, 2007)

Looking up to Leo (Polar Bear Dinner, 2008)

Jane visits with Leo. (Polar Bear Dinner, 2008)

Leo makes his entrance. (Lewes, DE, 2008)

Well, I'll be darned. Leo is selling his bike.
A trike is in his future. (Port Jervis, NY, 2008)

Leo (Hopewell, NJ, 2008)

Leo doesn't have his "Recycled Teenager" logo on his
trike but the plate sure lets us know who owns it.
(Wearhouse Grill, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, 2009)

This is a Honda VTX1300 with a Motor Trike conversion.
It's the perfect color for Polar Bear.
(Wearhouse Grill, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, 2009)

A view from the front. No one has spotted
Leo's trike yet, hence, no people around it.
(Wearhouse Grill, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, 2009)

Note the exhaust pipes. There ain't much there. This could
be noisy. (Wearhouse Grill, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, 2009)

Leo and his riding buddy check the electrics. They aren't
working. (Wearhouse Grill, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, 2009)

Bob talks to Leo about a potential buyer
for his '89 Honda PC-800. Yes, it's still
for sale. (Wearhouse Grill, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, 2009)

Everyone wants to get their picture taken with Leo.
(Wearhouse Grill, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, 2009)

Leo's ready to go. Check out video 2, above, with me
egging him on. (Wearhouse Grill, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, 2009)

Leo arrives late, somewhat bewildered to see so many bikes.
(Long Valley Pub & Brewery, Long Valley, NJ, 2009)

Leo has parked in front of the garage and a truck wants to get
out. Check out video 4, above, to see what happens next.
I had to help the guy put the trike one space over by pushing it.
(Brian's Harley-Davidson, Langhorne, PA, 2009)

Gloria and Leo. Gloria, is the oldest riding member of the Motor Maids.
She is 84 and has been a member of Motor Maids for 63 years.
(Brian's Harley-Davidson, Langhorne, PA, 2009)

Gloria hams it up on the back of Leo's trike.
(Brian's Harley-Davidson, Langhorne, PA, 2009)

Heelz, Director of the Shore Riders Chapter of Women in the Wind,
is shown on the left with two more members of WITW. Surrounding
Leo are four members of the Motor Maids with Gloria left of Leo.
(Brian's Harley-Davidson, Langhorne, PA, 2009)

Leo wearing his 5-pound vest. (Polar Bear Dinner, 2009)

Leo (Polar Bear Dinner, 2009)

Leo (Polar Bear Dinner, 2009)

Who else but Leo (Lewes, DE, 2009)

Since Leo can't get out, he poses for Bill Marion.
(Old Bridge, NJ, 2009)

Bill Marion's shot also caught me taking the previous picture.
Picture courtesy of Bill Marion. (Old Bridge, NJ, 2009)

Leo arrives. See video 5, above. (Hopewell, NJ, 2009)

Rosemarie hanging out with Leo while
I take pictures. (Hopewell, NJ, 2009)

Leo was 94 yesterday. (The Cabin, Freehold, NJ, 2010)

Leo arrived very early. (Long Valley Pub & Brewery, Long Valley, NJ, 2010)

Leo about to shed his jacket.
(Brian's Harley-Davidson, Langhorne, PA, 2010)

Leo at 94. (Polar Bear Dinner, 2010)

Leo and Rosemarie (Polar Bear Dinner, 2010)

Leo, sporting a dashing goatee, is always sought out
at each Polar Bear destination. (Cape May, NJ, 2010)

But sometimes, Leo does the seeking, this time finding
Rosemarie to pose with him. (Cape May, NJ, 2010)

Leo and his family celebrate his 95th.
(Sir John's, North Brunswick, NJ, 2011)

My surrogate Mom and Dad.
(Sir John's, North Brunswick, NJ, 2011)

Debbie shows Leo and his wife her specially designed birthday
card. (Sir John's, North Brunswick, NJ, 2011)

Leo and Debbie (Sir John's, North Brunswick, NJ, 2011)

I line up Jim, Natalie, and Leo at my table.
(Daddy O Restaurant, Brant Beach, NJ, 2011)

Leo's here. (Hooters, Wayne, NJ, 2011)

Leo gesticulates as he tells a story. (Fire House Eatery, Rahway, NJ, 2011)

Leo's not driving tonight. (Polar Bear Grand Tour Dinner, 2011)

Leo won this jacket and pants at Americade. (Old Bridge, NJ, 2011)

Leo's here. (Old Bridge, NJ, 2011)

Leo getting ready to ride. (Hopewell, NJ, 2011)

Where's that key? (Hopewell, NJ, 2011)

Found it. (Hopewell, NJ, 2011)

Waiting. (Landslide Saloon, Pattenburg, NJ, 2011)

Stayin' warm. (Landslide Saloon, Pattenburg, NJ, 2011)

Welcome back Leo. (Hooters, Wayne, NJ, 2011)

Looking out for Leo. (Long Valley Pub & Brewery, Long Valley, NJ, 2012)

Leo and trike (Cheeburger Cheeburger, Flemington, NJ, 2012)

Leo's table (Polar Bear Grand Tour Dinner, 2012)

Leo is here. (Barnsider Tavern, Sugarloaf, NY, 2012)

Leo at 99. You're lookin' great! (Chatterbox, Augusta, NJ, 2015)

Natalie and Leo (Chatterbox, Augusta, NJ, 2015)

Leo and Jim (Chatterbox, Augusta, NJ, 2015)

Riders were just stopping by to see Leo. (Chatterbox, Augusta, NJ, 2015)

Leo wearing his Ride for Kids hat. (Chatterbox, Augusta, NJ, 2015)

Leo surrounded by friends. (Chatterbox, Augusta, NJ, 2015)

Leo in sunlight. (Hooters, Wayne, NJ, 2017)

Leo (Hooters, Wayne, NJ, 2017)

Last Polar Bear Grand Tour picture of Leo. (Hooters, Wayne, NJ, February 26, 2017)

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