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We had a coastal storm sweeping past NJ on Saturday with high winds. Jane and I usually go down on Saturday and stay over. This time we opted to cancel our reservations and try to do the complete ride (362 round-trip miles) on Sunday. A few of our GWRRA NJ-Chapter F friends had already decided to ride down on Sunday so we joined them at 8 a.m. to start the trip. We arrived back home after 6 p.m. in the dark. For us, this was the latest we had ever returned home as Polar Bears.

All in all, it was a good riding day with gentle breezes, clear skies, and temperatures between 48-55 degrees.

Members of Spokes-Women were heading back as we arrived.
Riders getting ready to head north. Behind the Lighthouse sign is the motel we stayed at for
many years. This is the second year it has been closed and nothing seems to be
happening there yet.
There always seem to be a few riders who carry the Halloween theme to the Lewes run.
This skeleton pillion rider brought his own broom.
The Lighthouse opened specially for the Polar Bears with a luncheon buffet next to the sign-in.
My riding buddies from GWRRA NJ-Chapter F who rode with Jane and me for this run.
Lead, Dan, and Drag, Bob, (center) made the ride much easier for us.

I've featured this bike before but couldn't remember whether a few of its features
had been covered so here are a few in this and the next two pictures. Here are
crow bars making up the sissy bar.
Old pistons are used as footpegs.
The highway pegs include a rusty pair of vise-grips.

OK, I admit I didn't know what 2WD is. I looked it up. Apparently you can switch from
single- to dual-wheel drive with the flip of a lever. This Ural is the SUV of motorcycles.
Just waiting
Parking at the abandoned motel
Plenty of bikes showed up.

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