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The overnight Lewes Polar Bear crowd was pretty sparse this year. We took a walk on the windy Lewes Beach and watched the Cape May-Lewes ferry arrive and depart. The Wharf Restaurant was open and we ate both dinner and breakfast there. On Sunday, bikes arrived slowly at Irish Eyes. It seemed like a low-attendance day to me. Here are a few pictures and videos to document what we saw.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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Lewes Beach looking toward the ferry terminal
The Cape May-Lewes ferry arriving
We have the beach to ourselves as the ferry is seen in the background.
Manual GPS
Our destination
Right next to Irish Eyes. (My granddaughter's name is Caroline.)
A friendly dog greeted everyone.
Rosemarie playing with the dog
Riders sought parking off the gravel.
Polar Bear White
Pointed out to me by a rider
Her bike
Bikes and Boats

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Debbie and Clyde load their bikes

Video 2: Two arriving

Video 3: Arrival in Slow Motion

Video 4: A little music

Video 5: Confusion

Video 6: Procession of Caution

Video 7: I almost get clipped.

Video 8: Take a quick left at Fisherman's Wharf.

Video 9: The Bridge

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