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I am in FL today.

The run today was to the Irish Eyes Pub, Lewes, DE, November 01, 2020.

It was the second run of the 2020-2021 season.

Guest photographer today was Bernie Walsch.

—Walter F. Kern

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Your webmaster has used the Shutterfly.com picture system to create a duplicate of our polarbeargrqndtour.com system. It works a bit differently and you may like it better. I will be using our HTML-based system first and then copying all the pictures each week over to the Shutterfly-based system. See how you like it and give me your comments. The system we have been using was written from scratch completely in the HTML computer language. The Shutterfly system requires no computer language and is easy to use. My goal is to be able to turn over the webmaster's job to another Polar Bear member should I decide to retire. Many Gold Wing clubs have already converted to using Shutterfly websites.

Use the following links to view the new Shutterfly website and compare it with our present website.

For example, Click 'Lewes' and scroll down to pictures. Click the first thumnail. Shutterfly doesn't show all the pictuers at once. If you click 'Back to Album,' it then shows '25 50 All.' Click 'All.' (Like most computer software these days, they seem to want to keep you guessing as to where the options are.) There is also a built-in Slideshow. Clicking a thumbnail picture shows the original size picture:

Cape May: http://polarbeargrandtour.shutterfly.com/Cape May Oct 25, 2020

Lewes: http://polarbeargrandtour.shutterfly.com/Lewes, DE Nov 1, 2020

The following pictures courtesy of Bernie Walsh:

Note: We now have a special picture gallery on this website. It's strictly for Polar Bear Grand Tour riders. Send me a picture of your motorcycle and yourself and get included in the gallery.

If you see any of our photographers, Bernie Walsh, Dave Thompson, or Gary Rosen, taking pictures, tell them you'd like to have your picture taken for the Polar Bear Picture Gallery. They will tell me which photos are also for the gallery. It will be up to you to contact me with information on year, make, model, and a short description along with your name.

Check out Polar Bear Grand Tour Motorcycle Riders for more details on how to submit your picture.

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More Pictures from the 2020-2021 Season

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