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It was a pleasant day in the 40s and it was Toy Run 2, a day dedicated to bringing the rest of the presents not delivered at the CABIN for the Christmas toy run. The restaurant was packed and the food was good. Most importantly, the table was filled with presents for the children. Polar Bears came through again.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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Their wings are so hot, they had to get their own fire truck.
Forgot to take their present in
The parking lot early on
Nice blue 1800
No need for a jacket today
Not a spot on it
Toys for the children
Bob at the sign-in table
Interesting double mirror
Reflective vests are good.
Flowers for Valentine's Day
Duckies galore on a Honda PC-800
Parking in the woods
Skullduggery on a Victory

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Stealth entry into the parking lot

Video 2: Nice group

Video 3: Quartet

Video 4: Hands Up (watch 10th rider)

Video 5: Looking for parking

Video 6: Slow race for parking

Video 7: Vroom up 206

Video 8: Waitin' and talkin'

Video 9: Finally she goes (quietly)

Video 10: Beemer enters at the far end

Video 11: Riders enter in the center driveway

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