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The temperature was hovering around 60 degrees today. There were some stiff winds as I crossed the Driscoll Bridge and met up with my F Troop group. It was an interesting ride as the lead GPS decided to misbehave and lead us around in circles. We finally decided to disregard its directions and iterative recalculates and hit the superslab to arrive just before noon.

The parking lot was filled and there was very little room to park. Chairman Bob Hartpence was even directing traffic at times. I ended up at the end of the parking lot in the mud.

Trio in the mud
Just pack 'em in
Lots of Bears were outside mainly because it was too packed inside.
I hope nobody needs to get out in a hurry.
Take me to your race track.
Let me through
We like being Polar Bears.
and more groups
Who needs spring
The watching crew
Group lining up for departure
She loves her heels.
Nothing like a good cigar to go with a purple hat.
This Bear arrived at the same time I did and was right next to me.
He said he'd run out of gas. I had to push him into place.
He went for gas and returned about the same time I was leaving.


Video 1: Mud!

Video 2: Where's a parking attendant when you need one?

Video 3: Departing down the hill to I78

Video 4: Just after this trike did a wheelie

Video 5: Enter into confusion

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