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The weather was great today with temperatures in the 60s and cloudy. Rain and colder temperatures are coming in late today but the Polar Bear good-weather window was open and almost every single Polar Bear was here today.

Bob, Joe, and Betty from GWRRA NJ-F rode with me today.
I'm sorry but I just love the chrome on this bike.
Early arrivals look at the Long Valley Inn and the mountain behind it as they wait for sign-in.

Philadelphia Flyers Bike
Another view

Two of a kind
Flight leader, Dave Cushing, in his element on his great new seat
Goldwingers always have an attention getter, in this case perky Brenda, with a Polar Bear hat.
I was constantly dodging all the arriving motorcycles.
They just keep coming in.
I loved the fringe interlaced into the sides of the windshield.
Guys and gals enjoying the perfect weather
The Inn was very busy and crowded so many just stayed outside.
Winter riding is so much fun, even when it's more like spring.
Some groups just parked where they could in clumps.
Well, if the traffic gets bad, I'll just go across the field.
CaptBlack (AKA Superman) rides with Lois.
I think he sells ice cream bars on the side.
Phil and Nancy chat in the corner behind the Flight B sign-in.
Riders are starting to queue up just to get out of the parking lot.
Leo arrives late, somewhat bewildered to see so many bikes.
The exit backup is getting longer.
Some riders are waiting for a break in the traffic.
There definitely was a lot of stopping going on.
The absolute longest exit delay I saw.

And now for some short videos...

Video 1: They just kept coming...

Video 2: ... and coming

Video 3: Can't get out

Video 4: I talk about the turnout

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