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It was sunny with temperatures in the high 40s. As usual there was a good turnout. The road up here from Route 78 was very scenic and curvy. Many took advantage of that. The place was hard to get into since the sign-in tables were placed in the entryway causing elbow to elbow crowding. Big groups arrived and soon the parking lot was filled. The view up here is fabulous.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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I got space.
Long shot
I like the look of springs.
Almost over
Riders talking and walking
I like white bikes.
More of the same
Makin' it shine
The line
Of course I'll take your picture.
Putting sport into Polar Bear riding
BMW to tour on
Warm and cozy
Compact shiny Victory
Bikes aplenty
I am heard.

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Early arrival

Video 2: Another way in

Video 3: I get my picture taken?

Video 4: Road guard helps

Video 5: Church bells

Video 6: They just keep coming in

Video 7: The line

Video 8: Taking a walk

Video 9: Hard to park

Video 10: Time to go

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