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Mack Harrell, Polar Bear Grand Tour rider from 2005-2008, has died at the age of 73.

Mack was born January 16, 1939 and died March 27, 2012.

According to his wife, Karen, he died peacefully in his sleep.

There will be no published obituary, as everybody who knew him has been informed of his passing.

He will be cremated. His daughter, Rachel, and his wife, Karen, will be scattering his ashes along one of his favorite riding spots in the Watchung Reservation.

Mack was a very spiritual man and a former pastor. He remained observant till his dying day. He also used to sign off all his e-mails with "In Christ, Mack Harrell," no matter what the subject was.

Mack and Karen met on the About.com Motorcycles forum. She lived in Canada and he lived in New Jersey. They endured a nearly two-year separation while the immigration process crept along.

Mack's fellow BMW riding buddy, Jack Riepe, wrote about Mack in his blog, Twisted Roads, on March 29, 2012. It's after Jack's regular column on his motorcycle adventures. Just scroll down to the bottom:

A Rider's Light Dims... Godspeed Mack Harrell

The following are pictures of Mack and Karen taken at Polar Bear Grand Tour motorcycle rides from 2005-2008.

Mack's bike (Bahr's Landing, 2005)
Mack is "mackharrell" on my About Motorcycles forum.
(Bahr's Landing, 2005)
Mack Harrell loves his new BMW. (The Cabin, 2005)
Mack poses with Jane who has just taken her first motorcycle ride
since having her knee replaced. (The Cabin, 2006)
How do you like Mack's new glasses? (Firehouse Eatery, 2006)
Mack brought Jack Riepe with him today.
(Lewes, DE, 2006)
Jack Riepe: writer, comedian,
leader of "Perdition's Socks" (Lewes, DE, 2006)
I'm havin' a Mack Attack (Schoch's H-D, 2006)
I noticed several groups where the bikes with the same color
parked next to each other. The BMW on the right belongs to
MackBeemer from my Motorcycles forum. (Sir John's, 2006)
Mack was wishing he was riding with Karen. No, really...
he'd rather be riding with her (inside comment). (Sir John's, 2006)
Two weeks ago, Mack had a lowside accident turning onto I78 East
from the Landslide Saloon Polar Bear run. (Bahr's Landing, 2007)
Mack is back today with some fiberglas repairs
to the bottom of his pannier. (Bahr's Landing, 2007)
Mack is ready for a quick getaway with a mean left turn.
Play Video. (Firehouse Eatery, 2007)
Mack was walking in from the beach
when I surprised him. (Jenkenson's, 2007)
Mack Harrell's bike celebrates eating and wrenching but...
I also found a lot of smokin' going on. (Landslide Saloon, 2007)
Mack enjoys his pipe while he takes some
candid pictures. (Landslide Saloon, 2007)
VIDEO: Mack arriving. (Long Valley Pub, 2007)
Lone riders leave the fastest. Mack got married this week.
Unfortunately Karen had to return to Canada.
The woes of immigration. (Sir John's, 2007)
Karen, Mack, and Jane.
Karen came down from Canada to see Mack.
(Wearhouse Grill, 2007)
Karen and Mack
They met on my Motorcycles Forum.
Mack has the following signature on the forum:
"You KNOW I'd rather be riding with Karen.
No, really... I'd rather be riding with her."
He got his wish. (Wearhouse Grill, 2007)
Jane poses with Mack and Karen.
(Hopewell, NJ, 2007)
The crisp air seemed to agree with Mack.
(Old Bridge, 2007)
Mack was there and still waiting for Karen.
(Wearhouse Grill, 2008)

Karen Kennedy Harrell and Jack Riepe also contributed to this tribute to Mack. ~ Walter Kern

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