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Special Note: There is a Member Letter on page 9 of the December, 2013 issue of American Motorcyclist magazine (AMA publication) about Leo Chlebnikow. (That's our "Leo.") Check it out if you are an AMA member. Here's an excerpt:

"A Life Member of the AMA, he's been riding motorcycles since he was 16 and still does. Weather permitting, rides every Sunday. Besides enjoying riding, he has given instructions to hundreds of bikers, including our whole family... He traded in two for three wheels a few years ago, and the back of his trike says, 'Recycled Teenager.'

Dad turns 98 this January, and we wanted to wish him a special Happy Birthday." -- Bev and Johann Schneider, letter in American Motorcyclist

Happy Birthday Leo!

I'm currently in Florida so I did not make it to this run.

This run was to Montgomeryville Cycle in Montgomeryville, PA on December 1, 2013.

Today's guest photographers are John Zerbe and Dave Thompson.

John Zerbe reports that the Sunday morning temperature started out at 30 degrees but rose to mid 40s by afternoon.

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The following pictures are courtesy of John Zerbe:

"You might find this tire picture interesting. What are the odds? 3 inch long Phillips head drive
bit went in tire groove and came out sidewall. Had no choice but to drive home. Once home,
pulled it out and the tire has held air ever since." -- John Zerbe
"This is a 2014 Honda CTX 700. Owner claims to be obtaining 76 to 80 MPG." -- John Zerbe

The following pictures are courtesy of Dave Thompson:

More Pictures from the 2013-2014 Season

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