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The run today was to Old Bridge where the turnouts are usually spectacular. The weather was pleasant with temperature about 60 degrees. The parking lot and street were under construction so gravel was everywhere. The parking lot quickly overflowed so parking was on both sides of the street for quite a distance. Articles were being collected to take to three NJ Veteran Homes as was done last year.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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The gravel pile
Gifts for the veteran homes
The entertainment bag
In keeping with the tradition begun this year at Cape May...
I hope the pile doesn't shift.
Women in the Wind
Nancy and her grandson at the sign-in table
Little Honda, Big Honda
Street scene looking toward Route 18
Nice seat
Nice tail
American-made Victory
Certainly looking at something
Been there, done that
Can-Am Spyder attracted attention
Ready for a non-stop ride
Custom chopper
Chopper's chrome engine
Lots of standing around today
More of the same
Blondes have more fun on motorcycles
I want to be alone

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Arriving to park on the street

Video 2: Incoming past the gravel pile

Video 3: Follow the leader

Video 4: They just keep comin'

Video 5: Wait'll they see the lines inside

Video 6: Outgoing past the gravel pile

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