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I didn't feel so great this morning so I opted for the car. As it turned out, I felt pretty good the whole day.

It was cold and very windy today. I didn't see hardly any motorcycles on the road. They were all in the parking lot as I arrived. So many early birds.

As I pulled up to the toll gate, there was a one-way light controlling traffic.
Polar Bear riders ahead of me on the way.
Yes, the lot was pretty full when I arrived.
Waiting around for the sign-up to start. Lots of riders were busy on their cell phones.
Shot taken directly in front of the place looking at oncoming riders in the distance
This group finally realized that it was cold standing around and headed for the door.
My F-Troop friends got here before me.
No need for Hippo Hands here.
Well, I'll be darned. Leo is selling his bike. A trike is in his future.
Parking around the rear circle
I just love black with maximum chrome.
I believe this departing group is the same as shown in this video.
CaptBlack took a picture of me (see below). I then reciprocated with this.
CaptBlack took this picture of me. I then reciprocated with the one above.
"To sleep, perchance to dream"


Video 1: BMW riders enter with nary a sound

Video 2: The wind is whipping

Video 3: Riders depart

Video 4: Big group enters

Video 5: Some Spokes-Women arrive

Video 6: Out my windshield as I'm returning home

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