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It was cold today. The temperature was around 20 degrees but little wind most of the time. The lake next door had an ice-fishing shack on it. It was Leo's 95th birthday and he was here for lunch with his family. Rosemarie was with me today wearing an engagement ring just three days old.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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The initial lineup on the slope
We won't
It's beary cold out here
Bob finds out what's going on with polar bear members
Rosemarie, Clyde, Debbie, and Bob
One Polar Bear group
Yum Yum
We are not stopping
There is not a speck of dirt or salt on this bike
Leo and his family celebrate his 95th
My surrogate Mom and Dad
Debbie shows Leo and his wife her specially designed birthday card
The card
Leo and Debbie

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Video 5: 9 arrive

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Video 7: Coming and going and Bob

Video 8: Movin' out

Video 9: Music and wavers

Video 10: The lot is emptying

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