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After spending 7 weeks in Florida, Rosemarie and I returned home to attend to family matters so I took a few pictures and videos myself today. It was cold, about 20 degrees, and we had a snowstorm on Saturday leaving the parking lot at Sir John's as you see it in the pictures. I stayed an hour up to noon and saw maybe 8 bikes. I hope to get to a few more runs before we go back to Florida.

Walter Kern
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Getting set to resalt the parking lot.
Lots of cars and few bikes.
2 Wings
Will we be on the website? Yes.
Future Polar Bears.
More bikes
Just passing through.
This rider came from Mays Landing. See last video, below.

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Initial impressions

Video 2: View from the other side.

Video 3: Bombarded by salt pellets.

Video 4: Some activity in the sky.

Video 5: Another arrival.

Video 6: I get a visitor.

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