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We arrived very early and found maybe 25 riders already there. That meant that it would be a good day and most Polar Bear riders would soon be there. Some parts of the state had slick roads and that meant that some Polar Bears would have some extra difficulty today. Fortunately, the weather held and the riders kept arriving and filling the restaurant. The food was extra special good today, especially the hot apple pie a la mode.

We were expected and even had a special menu.
Early arrivals wait.
You could even get your bike cleaned.
Black Harley with an accent.
Mack was there and still waiting for Karen.
Keeping track of time, temperature and directions
I finally took John's picture.
It's time to take the snowman off the roof.
This snowman arrived on his own Gold Wing 1800.
Polar Bear looking for a parking spot.
Just lookin'
Track bike making a pit stop.
Bikes down at the lake
Dan and Mary
Barbara (Blondie)
Barbara (Pooh Bear). She was backing uphill and got a push from a couple of Polar Bears.
Just Bob. Here's a video of F-Troop members from this and the previous three pictures.
Bikes arriving and riders walking to the restaurant from the lake area.
There was definitely some snow up here.
Could this proud owner have a Street Bob?
Leo, far right, rode his red Honda PC-800 today.
The lot was full today and everyone had a great time.

Video 1: Bike radio

Video 2: Lots of arrivals

Video 3: Just liked the sound

Video 4: Arriving at the dock

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